A friend tweeted a new study yesterday.

The average successful start-up founder is 45 years old.

Imagine if we set out with a mindset from high school or university around - what do I want to explore, strengthen, learn from, build up between now and when I am in my 40s when I have the greatest chance at making an impact.

Because, by then you've had a chance to figure some things out.

Disclaimer: we all create an impact or have an effect - there’s just some stories that media package into a narrative that positions us against celebrity everyday.

Instead of coming out the starting gates of your career with a need to have it all sorted immediately, it’s a good reflection to recognize there will always be anomalies. Another friend of mine gives a talk on the end of average and how the internet killed normal. All the more reason not to model your career after an anomaly that may have not finished high school or built an amazing super business at 20. That's the media celebrating those stories, your story is valuable where it is.

The internet may have killed normal or the average, but not in the way we think. It's opened up the routes to the success you wish to realize, which may be wildly different to the norm.

This study says 45 years is the average - that means it could happen even older.

Framing is so important. And of course, success is defined and means different things to people at different stages of life. Some are wired to build businesses, others wired to support businesses. Both are needed. Some wish to be in the spotlight, others wish to coach those in the spotlight.

Some are rocking it at 25. And I was rocking it at 25 too. But I wasn't a celebrity in the business world and probably never will be. That's not the point - It's about finding a sustainable frame of reference. I am ambitious, driven, keen to continuously develop, but as you get on, you realize there's different models to get there - one day, role, company, venture, attempt or lesson at a time.