Anyone who knows me, knows I have a highly reflective perspective around the effects of internet, social media and digital living. As much as I am enthused by changing this website up to capture my writing, I also recognize that I could wake up one day and shut it all down impulsively, like say 3 or 4 of my past Instagram accounts. 

All of this said I have come to realize in the past week why I have this volatile relationship with it (thanks to conversations with a IRL and digital friend). 

It revolves around the tension I feel between consuming and creating. 

There’s this old statistic (which is probably a meme) floating around that around 10% of internet users create 90% of its content. I guess for me I have flirted with the in between, not sure where I fit or land in the digital landscape. Am I predominantly a consumer or a creator?

When I create, any stress or anxiety caused by all of this online activity literally disappears. When only consuming, the opposite occurs. 

For the record, I am not assigning qualities of good or bad to being either one - I know a lot of people who consume a lot of media on the internet but lead rich leaves creating value for themselves and others offline. 

For me, if I am going to be on here at all, it’s a better bet to be a part of the creation.