Someone once asked me to explain what I currently do.

After I shared what it is, they said "well, sounds like anyone could do that."

I paused (laughed a bit inside my head) and said, "yes, I guess anyone could if they wanted to."

My role exists as a potential, or as an opportunity. There's no school explicitly for it, nor any one program that would train me for it.

I draw upon the diversity of things I have done, trainings and education I have completed and combine that with a purpose and passion for helping others with change.

That's what makes me proud of what I do. There's no single roadmap for it. There are competencies and skills required for sure - but they can be developed in a multitude of ways. Someone else for example (and there are others in my organization that do what I do) - will have a different roadmap, and do it in their unique way. Which for me, is exactly what I enjoy - being surrounded by a diversity of experiences, not sameness or likeness.

It's my fuel. Each day presents new challenges and opportunities to grow.

It's rarely, if ever a routine.