Last year, I had been on the road for a few months.

I reached out to a friend who had made the decision to live nomadically for a year with their family.

I asked: what are some things or rituals you have that keep you feeling grounded while being in a new place so frequently?

She replied that funnily enough, Amazon's Alexa, the virtual assistant, had begun to fulfill a consistent function in their family. I was so surprised and it was not what I expected to hear. I was so curios. It literally would have been my last guess.

Was reminded about this just now as I am drafting a rather long piece on structured vs. unstructured when it comes to life - how we define them and what we value from each approach.

I've been searching for the "thing" to write about in longer form for some time. And I'm beginning to think this could be it.

Living un-structured is perhaps the one thing I have the most experience in from my adult life that I can draw from.

Am curious to hear what comes to mind when you think of a structured life vs. an unstructured one. Is it about rituals and routines, responsibilities and expectations, stability and permanence? Tell me.

And for the record, I am choosing to look at un-structured through a positive lens. It's not about opposites of being structured or what's good or bad, right or wrong - but more instead of why and when, and how different approaches work for different people.

Let me know what you are thinking about.