Over the last year I have used the word "vibe" more - looking for a word to describe the feeling one projects when you interact with them - something that was relatable but also helpful in understanding what it actually is. About how certain people have that quality that make us feel a certain way when in their company. 

I found when using "vibe", most people were ok with it. With "energy" you got the sense that this was something too new age, while "frequency" felt a bit too technical. 

The forward thinking/trendsetting part of me on this Sunday morning decided to dig into the origins of "vibe" and see what else could be used in its place.

Was in for a surprise!

Synonyms of "vibe" include: omen, premonition, caution, sign, threat, warning.

Not the most positive associations is it. The dictionary has it listed as a noun, under indication and forewarning. 

Makes me wonder how if back in the day, if someone presented "vibe" that perhaps they should be treated with caution!

What else is common in the list of synonyms is an element of "it may not be real" or "is a sign of what may come" - a mixture of doubt, risk and forecast. 

It's a signal of what may come.

Kind of like, first impression vibes, vs long-term vibes. It's hard work showing up consistently with your best self (or one last time, your vibe), so perhaps that's what the definition implies. Not that someone is acting with poor intent or deceit but just acknowledging how hard it is to be consistent with this sort of thing.