Here at departure gate with some time to spare thinking about life - happily, content and at ease. I will never argue against anyone for wanting to be at the airport early. Ample time to move through traffic, a smooth trip through security (not always the case, apparently I missed all the angry travellers heading to Cancun an hour earlier) and now I am just sitting here waiting, being.

Heck, I wasn't even supposed to be on my computer, but they made me take it through my carry on and here I am writing. I do miss the days of just cruising through with a wallet and passport.

I know for many travel increases stress and anxiety, and I'm fortunate I experience the opposite effect. Thank my parents. Thank my travel reps. Thank chance. I am fortunate to get to travel as I do.

Was reading in a new book my brother got me for Christmas about the difference between wanting and liking and how many people enjoy the idea of going on vacation or a trip, more than the actual experience itself. That made me sad, but I totally understand how that can be.