Seth Godin on Tim Ferris spoke about how early on he made a distinction around what he does for free and what he charges for. Today he writes daily on his blog, which is available for free, while if you wish to have him speak at a conference, he charges for that, without compromise. The internet age exacerbates all of this. The whole premise of social media is around giving things away for free. We are starting to see some changes with micro-donations, subscription fees etc. I think it totally makes sense. I have friends that say, will build a friends deck for free, or take someones portrait, but of course would charge a commercial client to drywall their house or to take staff photos. So this premise he speaks, of is not entirely new. I think it's a great distinction and finding that balance and understanding the trade offs and how they relate to one another. Of course in all of this - you need to perform and provide quality - whether its free or not.