I am definitely a thinker by default. There’s been a few things this week that have really energized me and helped me reconnect with this side of me.

A research project where I am navigating through 950 qualitative responses around how people learn. I am going through one question at a time - pausing, reflecting, capturing, documenting and sense making. Forming conclusions, drawing insights around how we can support people’s desire to grow. I love having the space to think about such things, especially knowing that also the action and doing part will come soon.

Another thing that really got me going was my exploration of Integrative Thinking. I read the wiki page and in an instant was like “This is it! This is the goal.” 

"…the process of integrating intuition, reason and imagination in a human mind with a view to developing a holistic continuum of strategy, tactics, action, review and evaluation for addressing a problem in any field.”

Best definition ever - intuition, reason and imagination. Wow. 

And lastly, there was that podcast episode Thinking About Thinking I really enjoyed. 

A diversity of inputs reminding me of who I am and what I genuinely enjoy.